To those cyclists who won’t ride a bike again

June 28, 2016

To those cyclists who won’t ride a bike again

Stockholm to Brussels by bike for the victims of cycling accidents

MADRID 18/07/2016: Bikes&Tech project will start on July, the 26th (2016) in Sweden. This project, created by Blinkker, means to cycle from Stockholm to the EU Parliament in Brussels on a solo trip (featured cyclist is Guille Cortés) to raise awareness for the victims of cycling accidents. 


The route

The route will also pass through some of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe (Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Amsterdam) reaching nearly 2.000 km in total, crossing 5 countries with 40 stages scheduled.

Why this? Bikes&Tech supports a cause: reduction of the number of victims of cycling accidents, in all roads. To achieve this purpose, there is a mission: to make Technology serve the bike in order to make the cycling experience safer.

For those interested in the goal and, in order to achieve this scope: to make cycling safer and reduce these horrible figures, Bikes and Tech has launched a Crowdfunding campaign which can be found, fully working, at

According to many researches, the use of bicycle brings many benefits for the individual and the society. Not just in Health, but also Environment and local economies. This should be enought to embrace the bicycle as the primary way of transportation in cities.

Besides, statistics say that, the more bicycles on the road, the less accidents proportionally. The only reason is to get all drivers accustomed to and respect this new actor on the roads. So, in order to increase the number of cyclists, it is mandatory to work very hard in their safety. This work can be done in different arenas, such as Education, new technologies to improve traffic, innovations for the bikes, and even working on a new urban planning.

There is a crowdfunding campaign linked to this project where people who are interested can show their support.

Guille, the cyclist, is a citizen of the world, a polyglote with international experience in Legal, Logistics, entrepreneurship, music and design in over 8 countries. Also, an urban cyclist since he was little.


Guille Cortés, our featured cyclist

Blinkker, main sponsor, is a start-up devoted to bring solutions for bicycles. This project aims to donate part of the amount to an Association for Road Victims, whilst funding some prototypes which will help achieve the mission.



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