Chapter 5: The End, a new beginning

All travels have an end. Known or unknown, there is always an end. It is easy to identify: it is what has changed when we are back. Whatever you believe in, the goal has different shapes, smells, sensations… which depend in our personalities, the kind of person we are, and also the personal experience we[…]


Chapter 4: Sin City

Arriving in Hamburg, to Lucía and Angel’s house, was the culmination to a day that started even before I woke up. When you sleep into the wild, no matter if you’re used to it or not, this is what you get: animals. Sometimes they don’t let you sleep, mostly when we are talking about something similar[…]

Stockholm bikesandtech

Chapter 1: Arrival to Stockholm

Dear friends, This adventure started a while ago. At the very beginning, it was just a simple idea, a sort of crazy summer trip including some cycling, some friends and small projects. It started as something small but it grew bits every day until it became this: not just a website, but a place that[…]