Chapter 1: Arrival to Stockholm

Dear friends,

This adventure started a while ago. At the very beginning, it was just a simple idea, a sort of crazy summer trip including some cycling, some friends and small projects. It started as something small but it grew bits every day until it became this: not just a website, but a place that combines digital and real human interaction, a window to a whole experience.

It’s true that the departure never seems real until we are there, at the airport, ready to board a plane, our backpack with us, a notebook, feelings bombing our mind and heart…

I landed with a project in mind: to assemble the bicycle, relax a few days and start a cycling trip towards Brussels. I wanted to raise a voice for these +2000 cyclists who die every year within the EU, not to mention over 200.000 injured cyclists. These figures are terrible because a bicycle is not just leisure, it’s many more things.

I’m not writing this time about the known benefits of using a bicycle (mainly in cities). Just a warning to mention these benefits are much more than what you might think.

So, as a backbone to the project, I decided to launch a Crowdfunding campaign. It is something very common in some countries yet still a new concept with a long way to go in others. It is a way to trust in projects that match our believes, projects we believe are not just helpful but hopeful.

So, yes, Bikes&Tech is crowdfunding, but, what is this actually about?
Well… in about 10 hours I will start cycling from Stockholm to Brussels. Nearly 2000 Km. Lots of work, nature, bad and good moments (I believe)…

I’m walking now the thin line between the hard work I’ve done for the last weeks and months, which is about to end, and the beginning of the adventure itself, the new job, the unknown of a new path, never walked before.
I barely had any time to digest and think about what it is going to happen, the way I’m going to handle this travel. It is like some sort of mistery all around it. Far from home, radically out of any comfort, but open to what the world and its people can bring me.
And this is how adventure starts: with a first stride into the unknown.

Join me.