About the cyclist

June 9, 2016

After many years working as a legal advisor in Middle East, I1836801_10152049562427671_1248948963_o quit everything and rambled around Asia and Europe until I finally settled in London, where I discovered other “ingredients” of life.

I learnt carpentry, design and bought a “ruined” canal boat: the Aurora Grace. Before my departure, I navigated to Oxford and back, as a emotional farewell trip.

It was unpleasant to say goodbye.

I live in Madrid now.
After all these years cycling in so many places, I am launching a company that focuses on bikes and technology for a better experience, based on the smart-cities concept.

“Bikes and Tech” is a cry, a call to action to reduce the number of injured and killed in accidents involving a bicycle, a call to enhance our visibility and a way to express an every-day-less-different way to do things.

Join me!