The plan

El plan

What is going on?

Route Bikes and tech with cities

Bikes&Tech is crowdfunding to support the cycling victims of road accidents.

This project is cycling from Stockholm to the EU Parliament in Brussels through Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Amsterdam, in Summer 2016.

Bikes&Tech has a clear Mission: to make technology help cycling to be safer.

We are already working on new ideas, techniques and ways to improve the cycling experience in the city, by applying technology (apps, software, hardware) or working on alternative ways for urban planning.

We have scheduled some humble events along the route to enhance visibility of the urban cycling growing trend.
If you are interested, follow our blog posts and tweets!


¿Quieres salvar el mundo? ¡¡Pedalea!! El uso de la bici te ayuda a estar más sano. Reduce las emisiones de CO2. Ayuda a la economía local. Es el mejor reductor de estrés. Te enseña un ritmo equilibrado en la vida. Los costes son casi imperceptibles. Genera un sentimiento real de comunidad.

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Bikes and Tech – TV

Take a look at the updates of the route! I will be posting videos about the path, the people, thoughts, music… Sit back, relax and watch. Join the channel to make sure you don’t miss anything!


Beautiful landscapes! Nice bikes! Beautiful people! Cute animals! Sunsets! Mountains! Lakes! Beach! A good page to relax a bit. Follow and support!


Fancy a reading about travels, bicycles, urban planning, tech innovations for bikes, some thoughts…? Well, this is the right place. Be patient! It takes a while to get good inspiration.

What is going on?

Check the crowdfunding campaign. Take a look at Twitter. Follow the news. What’s happening in Facebook? #bikesandtech


I am so grateful to every single one of you! Warmest thanks!

Live tracking

Feeling curious about where I am at this very moment? Alvaro Isorna made it possible with this bespoke app! Enjoy and say hi ;)


Find all the information about this beautiful project here. It is for a good cause. Share it with your cycling friends!

Don’t stop here!

There are other projects currently going on. Take a look! Don’t you think we stop here: as we mentioned, we are going to save the world… for real! Help us make it happen.

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Want to save the world? Cycle! Cycling is good for your health. It reduces CO2 emissions. It boosts local economies. It gives the right speed to life. It reduces stress. It's almost free. It creates a sense of real community.


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